The Nashville Association Of Talent Directors was pioneered by music businessmen and women, most of whom have become legends in the background of the stars. It is believed the late legendary Dick Blake first brought the group together in 1958… the month and day are elusive. The founders of the organization consisted of, in part, Hubert Long (Hubert Long Agency), Grover C. “Shorty” Lavender (Shorty Lavender Talent Agency), Buddy Lee (Buddy Lee Attractions), W. E. “Lucky” Moeller (Jim Denny Talent and later The Moeller Agency), Bob Neal (Elvis Presley’s first manager and The Neal Agency, LTD), Jack D. Johnson (Jack D. Johnson Talent), Smiley Wilson (Wil-Helm Agency, later to Atlas Artists), Jim Denny (Jim Denny Talent Agency and Cedarwood Publishing with Webb Pierce), and Tandy Rice (Cedarwood Publishing, President of Top Billing Talent).

Today, NATD members generate over $300,000,000 annually for Nashville-based Artists! NATD not only serves as a forum for its members as an idea exchange, it also serves as a vehicle for other facets of the industry to share information vital to the overall growth of the Nashville music and entertainment industry. NATD members foster camaraderie among “friendly competitors” which seems to be something unique to the closely-knit Nashville music and entertainment community.

Come join us and make your contribution to our rich musical history!

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